My favorite recipes of 2011

I’m the first to admit that I slacked on the recipe front this year. I didn’t cook as many new things as I did in 2010 and therefore had weeks where there was very little blogging. I think I almost went a month at one point without a post.

But, I still did find quite a few new ones that I think are keepers.

So,  here we go. (These are in no particular order of preference)

1. An event of 2011 I surely won’t forget was coming down with mono. It was certainly a surprise to be getting it at 26 and really a surprise to be getting it at all, given that nobody around me seemed to have it.  Yet I went down for the count this summer with the dreaded disease, which did a number on my immune system that lasted for several months afterward. But, during my sick time, I managed to make this chocolate souffle that just made everything better.

2. My sister told me to make a whole chicken in a crock pot. So, I did. Leftovers yielded quesadillas and homemade chicken noodle soup.  It’s really the easiest way to make a whole chicken and the meat is so tender, it practically falls apart.

3. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. This recipe came from my friend Jen and I cannot say enough about it. The cookies were so soft and a lovely mix of pumpkin and chocolate. I gave a bunch to my friend Catherine so that I wouldn’t eat them all at once.

4.  My mom has made homemade applesauce every Thanksgiving for years, but this was the first year I tried it. I made it once to go with bbq as a test drive before actual Thanksgiving. (I didn’t want to be responsible for a ruined Turkey day dish!) I seriously love this recipe and could eat it every day.

5. Pulled pork in a crock pot. I love making meat in the crock pot because it comes out so tender. But, I had never tried to do bbq in it until October of this year. I bought a Boston butt and threw it in the crock pot with some spices and sauce. It turned out deliciously.

And that is it. I wish you all a happy holiday full of family get togethers,  carols and delicious Christmas treats.

And to get you in the Christmas mood…



One thought on “My favorite recipes of 2011

  1. I have started to rely on the crock pot. However, I am scared to do the whole chicken thing. It sounds like I should jump on board given all of the great leftovers it provides 🙂 Happy cooking!

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