The Menu of Food Truck Thursday

OK, this post is a few days late, so maybe just look at it as more of a preview for this coming Thursday.

Last week, I corralled several friends into going to Food Truck Thursday in the name of “research.” I’m writing a magazine piece on food trucks and felt it was only proper for me to go to some of the food truck events and purchase some of their food and devour it. Again, it was research. 🙂

The event started taking place last summer as the food truck craze managed to find its way to sleepy Tallahassee, but I had yet to go.

So, five friends and I descended on a parking lot in Tallahassee to see what Food Truck Thursday had to offer. I had interviewed one of the vendors, Rebecca Kelly of Street Chefs, for my piece already and knew that the grilled cheese was awesome. (Four types of cheese, fresh basil, tomato and homemade bread all grilled to a buttery perfection…you could also get bacon added if you wanted) My friend Lynn devoured the shepherd’s pie wrap from Street Chefs, and my boyfriend opted for a personal pizza from Fired Up Pizza Truck, which somehow managed to get a brick oven into their vehicle. And two other friends who had already eaten dinner, but just came to join us for fun, just got dessert from a local cupcakery, Lucy and Leo’s. They sadly ran out by the time, Lynn, our other friend Deneige and I made our way to their truck.

All the food was delicious, cheap and accompanied by live music.

Looking for a Thursday night activity? Go to food truck Thursday.

It’s in the parking lot between the Burger King and old post office on W. Tharpe St., across from the Lake Ella Publix.

Sorry the photo is so dark. I snapped a few really quickly and didn’t realize how dark they turned out until I got home.


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