Valentine’s Day Fondue

What makes a better Valentine’s Day meal than cheese fondue?

(Yes, we’re classy and had the dipping food on paper plates)

Gray’s and my discussion this past weekend of Valentine’s Day went something like this:


Gray: We could go get ice cream, or we have that gift card for the Italian place. I don’t know what time we’ll get out of work that day.

Kathleen: How about if we get out early, we’ll try to go to dinner and if we get out late, we’ll go get ice cream.

Fast forward to me sending him an email yesterday:

Kathleen: We’re never getting out of here. I have a bottle of prosecco at home. We could just eat at home.

Gray: Yeah, maybe dinner and a bottle of wine is better.


As Gray was heading toward a work day that wasn’t going to end until 7:45 -8 p.m., I did some quick thinking about dinner (I finished around 7 p.m.). Originally, I was going to make a pasta and shrimp dish. But then I remembered my lonely fondue pot, just sitting there in the cabinet.

A Swiss-Gruyere Fondue it was!

Ingredients: 1 cup shredded gruyere, 1 cup shredded swiss, 1/2 cup dry white wine (I used the prosecco), 3 tbsp flour, 1/2 tsp nutmeg. For dippers, use your favorite fruits, vegetables and bread.

Direction: Put cheese in the pot and turn heat on. As it starts to melt, add the wine. Then stir in flour to thicken. When it is a nice cheesy mixture, stir in the nutmeg.

You can use whatever you want for dippers. I chose apples, zucchini and bread. I would have preferred a french bread, but Publix was out by the time I got to the store. So, I settled on a nice thick multigrain one.

One thought on “Valentine’s Day Fondue

  1. Yum! Fondue is a tradition on Christmas Eve for David and me. The first year I used a premade kind from Trader Joe’s, which was good. Last year, I made a swiss one and it was gross, though David still ate it. This year I made a cheddar-beer fondue, which was yummy!

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