One big post with a lot of recipes


It’s been weeks since I’ve blogged sadly, but it’s been crazy busy here.

The Legislature wrapped up it’s work in the first week of March, which basically meant a very long week of 8 a.m. to midnight a few times, plus working on Saturday. But the weekend after, I got whisked away to the space coast for some of this.


Looking at the ocean and catching a spring training game trumped the blog. Sorry.

But, over the past few weeks, I did do some cooking.


I made spinach pie. (This got me through the last week of the legislative session)


Chicken and veggie stir fry from Southern Living (Gray’s mom got me a subscription for Christmas)


No bake energy treats! (I need to get my mom to resend the recipe, but it’s basically peanut butter, honey, rice krispies, raisins, dry milk powder, chia seeds and pretzel crumbs)


And from last night, veggie fajitas. I roughly used this recipe from Ezra Pound Cake, but I only had red pepper, mushrooms and onion. I also added in some rice.

(Sorry so blurry…I’m not a good blackerry photographer)


That’s it for now. I’m hoping to get back into a regular cooking/blogging routine in the next week or so.

Happy Thursday!


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