My very good, low carb day

So I have this problem that is not that unique.

In June, I had a health/fitness assessment done at my gym where they took down my weight, measurement and body fat. The verdict was that my weight was fairly good, but that my body fat was out of whack for someone my height/weight. According to the analysis, my body fat to lean muscle was at the level of someone who was at risk for diabetes and all sorts of other health problems. That was not good news, and a little scary because there is a family history of diabetes.

The guy doing the assessment looked at me and zeroed in on the problem immediately. You like carbs and you prefer cardio to strength training, he said.

Why yes, how did you know?

It wasn’t like they were saying something I hadn’t read in health magazines plenty of times, but I figured since my weight was relatively in check (it clearly wouldn’t kill me to lose five pounds), that I had nothing to worry about. But, I could see the number on the machine that measures the body fat content and I knew it was too high.

So, I started to focus my workouts a little more as opposed to just showing up on the gym and hopping on the treadmill or elliptical or taking a long walk outside. I worked out with one of the trainers on occasion to get more comfortable with some of the machines and weight training in general.

A follow-up analysis showed that the body fat had gone down three percent (yay!), but I still had a little bit to go.

I needed to focus in on the carbs. I really wasn’t doing that throughout the summer, other than trying to do two veggies at dinner instead of veggies and a starch.

In general, I’m a pretty healthy eater. But, I figured there was no time like the present to be a little more strategic. (Though, obviously there are going to be times when I just want some Italian food or a cupcake.)

This morning, I started with two egg whites and cheddar cheese, a banana and about a 1/2 cup orange juice.

And for lunch, a caprese salad, Yoplait light yogurt and carrot sticks.

Ingredients: 1 package of grape tomatoes, 1/2 of small Sorrento block of mozzarella cheese, fresh basil, 1 tbsp olive oil, and fresh ground pepper

Anyone have some favorite low carb meals to share?


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