Read this, Part 1!

Happy Wednesday everyone.

So, basically, every day when I get up I turn on my computer and start reading. (Well, sometimes I go to the gym first) I read a lot in the morning, a lot of which is related to my job.

I typically start with Florida political stories because I need to read those for work. And then I move on to blogs and health, food or culture pieces.

And in that spirit, I thought I’d share a little bit of what I’ve been reading so far this week.


Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank asks whether 9/11 is just another day now

The Daily Beast/Newsweek: “Is College a Lousy Investment?”

James Bond crashed Andy Murray’s press conference (BBC) the day before he won the U.S. Open.

This awesome map from Wall Street Journal on the state of the presidential race


Women’s Health has a short piece on how to avoid being sedentary at work.

And Atlantic Health has a post on soda companies trying to hide who’s paying for an anti soda tax campaign in a small California town.


Does this spinach feta turkey burger not look amazing?

Blog shout outs: My sister Sarah just started a blog about her adventures in L.A.  It’s called Things Dayne Doesn’t Know. You have to read her first post to find out the inspiration for the title.

And my friend Erin, an awesome outdoors reporter in Montana, just completed her second century ride! Read all about it on her blog, Life’s Adventures.  Six years ago, Erin and I were interns together in D.C. and we would walk all over the city together. Sadly, I haven’t seen her since then, but we keep up via email and I get to read about all of her adventures on the blog.


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