How do you keep moving during the work day?

This is my desk chair.

I sit here all day long in my very tiny office in Tallahassee.

Sometimes, I leave for lunch. Other times, I’m busy and eat at my desk.

So, here’s the question. How do you stay active at work?

If you’ve picked up any sort of health/fitness magazine, listened to NPR or just read your daily newspaper, you’ve likely seen some mention of new research saying it’s bad for your health to be sitting at a desk eight hours for day.

Yet, for a lot of people, it’s almost impossible not to do that.

All of these places also give you some pointers on how to remedy this problem.

The ones that aren’t as realistic unless you have a super cool office:

*Standing desks

* Treadmill desks

* Sit on a stability ball instead of a chair

The obvious ones:

* Take the stairs

* Stretching at your desk

* Take calls standing up (sometimes)

The maybe ones:

* Walking meetings (depends on the scenario)
So, all this has had me curious what is and isn’t working for people in real life, outside of the health magazine/blog world.

I try to fit in a short walk at lunch or when I’m waiting for my bosses to edit my stories.

One friend found this video demonstrating arm exercises and has been trying to do the routine during the day.

Anyone else doing something to avoid sitting all day long?

One thought on “How do you keep moving during the work day?

  1. If you have the capability to record conversations on your cell phone (my system requires a bit of an ungainly setup, but it can be done), then I suggest something I occasionally do: Going for a walking interview over the phone. Otherwise, you can walk somewhere with a flat surface before you make a call and scribble your interview out on a notepad when you get there. It is more time consuming, but it does get you out in the world.

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