My First 3-Mile Run

I blogged at the end of August about my attempts at running. I wrote how I really didn’t like it, how I didn’t understand how people made it look easy and how I’d really rather walk.

I’ve been trying to run a few days per week. Some days, I confess, I just don’t want to do it. I’d rather be outside taking a nice walk in the park near my house.

Yesterday, I went to the gym with no particular agenda. I thought maybe I’d run 25 minutes and then do some weight/resistance work.

That’s when the surprise came.

I ran three miles. WITHOUT STOPPING.

When I say that has never happened before, I mean never. I have always been kind of active, but I didn’t play sports in high school. I was the super nerdy kid who played the violin and was editor of the school paper.

I walked the dog, swam occasionally and did whatever we had to do in gym class. But I always hated running and I wasn’t remotely in shape. When we had to do the mile run in gym class, I was a walk the straights, run the curves type of girl. On top of that, I had a minor medical issue that made it super easy to gain weight and difficult to take it off.

That attitude continued into college and grad school. When I moved to Tallahassee four years ago, something sort of clicked that I just had to work a little harder than a lot of people to be at a healthy weight/get into shape.

I started walking like crazy. I’d always loved to walk, so I just started walking 5-6 miles several times per week and I used the elliptical other days.

And it definitely helped. But, I still really didn’t think I needed to run. But, as I blogged last month, I started incorporating short amounts into my workouts this summer. I’m at the top of my BMI and should ideally be about 5-10 pounds slimmer.

A trainer at my gym basically laid it out for me and basically told me that even though I was doing a fair amount, it probably just wasn’t doing anything for me anymore. I had to kick it up a notch.

So, I had to give this running thing a try.

And yesterday, I ran 3 miles. I can’t lie. I told my sister, my mom, and my boyfriend right away. It’s still not super easy for me, but I definitely felt a HUGE sense of accomplishment when I watched the treadmill counter switch over to 3 miles. And then I kept running for another three minutes.

Let’s hope it wasn’t a one-time thing. 🙂


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