Read this! (Lunch edition)

Happy Wednesday!

Only two more days until the weekend. 🙂

Just wanted to share a little of what’s been on my reading list today.


Well, I actually read this a few days ago, but if you haven’t read the Vanity Fair piece on President Obama, here you go.

The Weekly Standard also published a criticism of the piece on its website.

GQ has a Q&A out with Denzel Washington. I’m not a regular GQ reader, but the editor was on MSNBC this morning talking about it, so I looked up the piece. And seriously, who doesn’t love Denzel? If you don’t, then I probably don’t want to talk to you. (Side note: Pelican Brief was on TV a week or two ago.)

A new study on the nation’s obesity rates is really pretty alarming.

The New York Times has a post on how 30 minutes of exercise could be more effective than a more strenuous routine.

Avacado is emerging as the new produce star, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Two cool blogs from two Tallahassee PR mavens who I’ve had the pleasure to talk to on numerous occasions in my day job as a reporter.

* The first is Ermahgerd, Mershed Perderders , a new food blog by Jen that gives recipes and reviews of Tally restaurants.

* The second is Oh My Goodness Gracious, written by Allison. It’s a little Southern Living-esque with recipes, entertaining ideas and pointers on etiquette .


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