I cannot do the tomahawk chop

Apologies friends who are FSU alumni, you probably will not like nor understand this.

I cannot get into your war chant/tomahawk chop. I just can’t do it.

Last night,  I went to my first non-Penn State college football game.  Yes, I managed to live in Tallahassee four years without going to a Florida State  game.

But yesterday afternoon, Gray and I headed to a friend’s tailgate. We figured we might go somewhere after to watch it after the tailgate since it was expected to be a good game. But then, we discovered a friend of our friend had two tickets to sell. So, we figured why not and forked over the money.

I kind of felt like I was cheating on my alma mater.  I went to my first PSU game when I was 8-years-old, the year they went to the Rose Bowl and probably should have been national champions.  Kerry Collins and Kijana Carter were the stars of the team.  And I kept going to them every year after that, all the way through college.  (And yes, I’ve been devastated by everything that’s happened there and feel punishments are justly being handed out.)

I was excited to go to the FSU-Clemson game just because I generally like a good game and resolved that I would cheer for the Noles since so many of my friends are graduates and I have no attachment to Clemson.  I love the pageantry that big schools put on at the beginning of their games and certainly FSU has its own share of drama when “Chief Osceola” throw the flaming spear into the Seminole logo midfield.

But, seriously, the war chant. It’s entertaining maybe once or twice.  I don’t get it. I clapped and yelled at all the appropriate times, but I refused to wave my arm through the air in the chopping motion. Just couldn’t do it. Gray was laughing at me for just standing there clapping while the rest of the stadium did the tomahawk chop.

Sorry FSU fans, I just can’t.



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