My weekly menu

I try really, really hard to make a menu and stick to it during the week. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t.

So, I figure if I blog it, maybe I will be slightly more accountable to it. I usually have oatmeal and fruit for breakfast and on occasion eggs. So, I’m just going to write down lunch and dinner here.

So here it goes.


L: Turkey, ham and cheese on whole wheat bread, banana, glass of milk

D: Steak, green pepper, onion, walnut stir fry


L: Tuna salad on spinach leaves, yogurt, carrots

D: Turkey chili


L: Leftover chili

D:  Fish, frozen veggies


L:  Sandwich, yogurt, carrots

D:   Friends over … hors d’oeuvres


L: Lunch date with a friend

D:  Roasted vegetables


L:   Salad with meat, any leftover veggies, yogurt

D:  Pasta


Orlando trip!


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