Things to be thankful for on Friday

A week or so ago I saw a post on Healthy Happier Bear called “Thankful Thursdays” and thought it was a nice idea and one I should take note of.

Though, Thursday passed and thus my chance for an alliterative blog post. But, I still like the idea of a post on things I’m thankful for, and it seems like the end of the week is the perfect chance to do it.

So, here’s my list and happy Friday to you all!

My family

They are really simply wonderful and I really hate that I live so far away from them.

Papa and me at my grad school graduation

Mom’s bday 2009. I made a last minute trip home from Florida.


From my book club girls to my PAR (grad school) classmates to my former PSU comrades to childhood playmates, I’ve been truly blessed with wonderful friends.

The other night, when I was working a little later than than normal, one former grad school classmate sent out a Facebook message saying we needed to have a reunion. It just so happened that several other people were on FB at that time and thus began a long and hilarious conversation about traveling, random NPR reporters and stories we were all working on.

It made me miss them all, but reminded me how thankful I am to have them in my life.

Andrea and Patrick’s wedding — June 2011

My Job

I’m blessed to work with some very smart and dedicated people who’ve taught me a lot.

And last, but not least…Gray

No mushiness here, but he’s always there to cheer me up, argue over ideas and books and just generally be there.

Man, I have a lot of freckles. I’m thankful for those too!


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