Why is my grocery budget going up?

Wednesday, I was sitting in my living room with a few of my girlfriends when we somehow got onto the subject of grocery shopping.

We all had the same problem — Our  grocery budgets were being obliterated.

OK, obliterated may be a bit strong of a word, but we were all noticing that we were spending way more on groceries. Of course, this isn’t a huge shock. When the price of gas goes up, other things, tend to follow.  The summer drought in the midwest also contributed.

Last week, I spent $100 at the store, which included produce and fish. But that didn’t even count some extra snacks/random things that Gray wanted later in the week.

My friend Lindsay, in a separate conversation, noted she and her boyfriend had spent more than $120 on a recent grocery trip because they were trying to eat healthier and well, produce isn’t always cheap.


Of course, this isn’t totally new.

Here’s a Slate article from 2011.

And here’s an interview with a Tufts University economist on it.

After I spent $100 last week, I decided I needed to take a serious look at what I’m eating and spending.

I feel like I should be spending no more than $70 for two people. (Ideally that should be more like $50)

What’s the magic number?


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