Happy Birthday, Dad!

My Dad is 62 today.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Sixty-two years ago, John Joseph Haughney was born in Tamaqua, Pa., the younger brother of twins Mary Jane and Ned.  Like many Irish Catholics, (he and his siblings are 100 percent) he spent many years in Catholic school, which resulted in many hilarious stories about how he and Uncle Ned would play tricks on the nuns. One nicknamed Snuffy suffered the brunt of their bad behavior, or so I’m told.

But he left Tamaqua to become a Nittany Lion. It was there that he met my mom, though they didn’t date until after they’d graduated.  They married in 1975 and 10 years later, I came along. In another 3 1/2 years, Sarah arrived.

My strongest little kid memory of my dad is him taking me to Boyce Park to play basketball. He would shoot hoops, while I tried to dribble the miniature Penn State basketball Santa gave me.

He also sat through a lot of violin performances and soccer games. And he took me to my first Penn State game when I was 8-years-old. (We beat Indiana)

He also makes a mean batch of spaghetti, which was his go-to meal if my mom couldn’t make dinner on any given night. (She made him cook dinner for six weeks straight once when Sarah and I were little — we ate a lot of spaghetti.)

So, thanks for the memories Dad.
Happy Birthday!


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