Book Review: Fall of Giants

OK, this book came out two years ago, but I’m just getting around to it now. To be honest, I really only became aware of it about two weeks ago.

Source: indg.ca via Jon on Pinterest

Gray had been reading the sequel, “Winter of the World,” and zipped right through it. Lucky for me, he also had the first book in the trilogy (3rd one isn’t out yet) in his collection.

One might refer to this as a tome as it is nearly 1,000 pages. It follows the lives of five interrelated families in the lead up to World War I and then how that war changes all of their lives.

Gray points out that if you like/know history, it makes you wonder how the characters are going to intersect with various historical events. My personal favorite is how author Ken Follett handles the Christmas truce on the western front during 1914. You can’t help but notice the emotion and discomfort when former two former schoolmates, one German and one English, find each other on the battlefield.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book. Despite the length, it was an easy read and you definitely find yourself picking favorites out of the characters. (Ethel = good; Fitzherbert = bad) Though, even the characters that you think of as “bad,” are drawn in a complex enough way that sometimes you find yourself also pitying them.

I’m onto the second book now and am not going through that quite as fast. It begins with the rise of the Nazi party in Germany.


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