Sunday = Cooking

Happy Monday to you all!

Hope you all had a marvelous weekend. I don’t really have any new recipes to share, just oldies but goodies. I spent a lot of time yesterday in the kitchen.

Here’s what I made.

1. Zucchini cakes

I’d been meaning to make these all week actually and finally got around to making them for lunch this afternoon. They were light and delicious, which was perfect because I’d just come from the gym.  Gray and I each took four.

random 031


2. Crock pot chicken

In between raking leaves (does anyone else hate yard work?) , I plopped a 3-lb chicken into the crock pot. I filled the chicken’s cavity with diced onions and garlic. I slathered the bird with butter and then seasoned it with pepper, salt, paprika, oregano and rosemary. (I basically just started pulling seasonings out of my cabinet.

We picked that bird clean. Well, we didn’t eat all of it. Some will be used this week for other meals, I’m thinking.

3.  Bean Soup

Immediately after finishing dinner, I cleaned out the crock pot and filled it with beans, ham, carrots and water to make a bean soup. Hopefully, this will keep me eating healthy throughout a busy week at work.

(This is pre cooked obviously.)

random 036

4. Energy bites

On the phone with my mom Saturday, I mentioned that it had been kind of a tough week at work and that Thursday, I didn’t eat dinner until after 10 p.m. And dinner consisted of a banana. My mom then proceeded to scold me for not keeping snacks at the office and told me to make these.  I complied.

energy bites


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