Confessions of a standing desk user

About a month ago, I decided to create a makeshift standing desk.

See, exhibit A.

desk 001


At the beginning of January, I brought in this crate and stacked my laptop on top of it.

My office partner, who was out at the time I did this, came back and basically had a “What are you doing” look on his face. He then tweeted it, which set off a flurry of comments from my co-workers in the main office in Fort Lauderdale. Turns out, my friend Ben has also been using one and loves it.

I opted to switch over after reading the upteenth article about the benefits of them in a magazine.

So, here’s what I think so far.

1. Comfy shoes are key. I have slip ons to switch into while I’m working at the office.  I tried it one day in dress shoes and was not happy. At All.

2. I feel like I have more energy throughout the day.  When I’m sitting all day, I just feel exhausted at the end. Go figure.

3. I still sit sometimes.  During calls with my bosses or conference calls, I’m more likely to sit. I’ve also noticed, if it’s crunch time and I have a lot of work to finish up, I like to sit.  Can’t explain it.

4. Do I feel like it’s making a difference in my appearance? I can’t answer definitely on this one. My abs and back feel a little stronger, but I wouldn’t say it makes a huge difference.

5. I try to do calf raises when I remember. Great extra way to fit in a little extra exercise



2 thoughts on “Confessions of a standing desk user

  1. I read an article about how it’s bad to sit as much as we typically would in an office setting (and then again at home on the couch)…so you’re def on your way to being healthier than the rest of us!

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