Snack Attack

Oh Friday, how lovely to see you.

It’s been a really long few weeks at work here, and though it will be a little bit calmer next week, March 5 will be the beginning of two very long, difficult months at work.

For my day job, I’m a reporter for the Sun-Sentinel, covering the Florida capital. And every year, the lawmakers spend March and April here full time, writing the budget and passing bills.

On a professional level, it’s exciting. There are plenty of good stories and the capitol is always bustling.

On a personal level, it’s hell. The days are long, in the 10-12 hour range on a regular basis. Healthy eating becomes more difficult and if you want to go to the gym, that generally requires waking up at the crack of dawn to do.

For me, the eating can be a bit of a challenge.  Unfortunately, my attempts to eat healthy during this period sometimes result in me eating too few calories to get me through a really long, stressful day at work where I’m moving around a lot.

My mom, being a mom of course, knows what I’m like when I’m hungry and has been scolding me on a regular basis about keeping snacks at the office. And today, my boss joined in on that topic, noting that lack of food tends to impact me worse than other people.

We should also note that my boss is four hours away and making this observation by phone.

Not good. But he’s right.

Example A.

snacks 001

This was one of my lunches this week. I had an apple, Triscuits,  cheese, two hard boiled eggs and some broccoli.  It was a very healthy lunch and I felt full when I finished it — it was about 550 calories. But by the time I got home that night, I was crashing. I wanted dinner right away and was in bed by about 9:30.

Yesterday, I had some chicken salad on spinach leaves and some crackers for lunch. By the end of the day, I was having trouble articulating to my boss a problem with an article I was writing. I just didn’t like it. Hence his comments this morning.

So, the weekend mission is to buy and make snacks to take to work. Anyone have favorite energy snacks that get them through the afternoon at work? Or should I just go for the old fashioned granola bars?



5 thoughts on “Snack Attack

  1. Lately I’ve been into Greek yogurt with granola. My other go-to snacks are Cuties clementines, bananas, and Luna bars. A friend recently introduced me to the word “hangry” — hungry + angry. That’s me, perfectly!

  2. I need to eat, like, literally all day long at work. I rely on Atkins bars, hummus and peppers/broc, edamame, greek yogurt, Morningstar breakfast sausage (the little 70-calorie patties that are easy to eat), pistachios, dried veggie chips – they’re all things that I can bring to the office on Monday and keep there all week with a few minutes of prep on Sunday! If I’m feeling really motivated I buy some Boar’s Head sliced chicken and do roll-ups with some hummus or mustard and spinach and tomatoes. Can’t wait to see what you come up with – good luck!

  3. Since I wake my metabolism up early, I find I have to snack often. I often start with plain yogurt with fresh fruit (favorite is blueberries) Stand alone, I find bananas to be the most filling. Instant apple-flavored oatmeal hits the spot sometimes. My go-to is half a bagel with a slice of cheese. I do keep fun size chocolates in my drawer out of necessity.

  4. I like to keep Chicken Salad from New Leaf in the fridge at work to snack on – great on crackers or a sandwich. I also keep cans of soup and the FiberPlus Chocolate Almond bars handy (they truely taste like a candy bar, delicious.) The Energy mix of nuts by Planters is a great snack also.

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