28 goals for my 28 years

Happy Birthday to me!!

This is kind of cheesy, but as my sister knows, I like lists. So, here are 28 goals for my 28th year.

We’ll see how many I actually do. 🙂


  1. Read 28 new books
  2. Go to Disney World! (I haven’t been there since I was 8)
  3. Make a lasagna (I don’t know, for some reason I have never made one.)
  4. Volunteer
  5. Run a 5K
  6. Visit my sister in Los Angeles
  7. Watch two close friends, Stephanie and Kim, make it down the aisle at their respective weddings
  8. Reunite with awesome grad school pal Andrea. We haven’t seen each other in more than three years because she was off in the Peace Corps!
  9. Jot down things I’m thankful for once per week
  10. Give yoga a serious try, as opposed to what I did in college when I took it for my gym credit
  11. Fix the chaos that is my backyard
  12. Paint my kitchen
  13. Make a cake and the icing from scratch. I have a love for Duncan Hines mixes.
  14. Blog every day
  15. Learn to crochet
  16. Send a hand written note once per month
  17. Do a thorough de-cluttering of the house and take unnecessary things to Goodwill
  18.  Write at least five freelance articles
  19.  Walk the 17-mile St. Marks Trail  (That’s a big one, but my friend Lynn and I’ve been talking about it for two years now)
  20. Learn one of the following: Paddle boarding, skiing or snow shoeing
  21. Make a new non-journalism friend
  22. Do 10 regular pushups (I’ve always been terrible at pushups)
  23. Visit a new city
  24. Take my vitamins every day
  25. Redecorate the bedroom
  26. Get a membership to either a gym that has a pool or a pass to the city pools for the summer
  27. Learn video editing
  28. Send out Christmas cards

2 thoughts on “28 goals for my 28 years

  1. 1. I’m working on one or two now if you want recommendations
    7. Yay!!!
    10. Try Bikram Yoga just once
    13. You know I have 23837423 recipes if you need one.
    21. Would meeting Bryan count?
    23. Baltimore…North Potomac…

    Great List! And Happy Birthday!

  2. 9. Is really easy-I do it almost every night. I think about what I am most thankful about during the day and sometimes it’s just having some one open a door for me.

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