Weekend Getaway: Central Florida

Last weekend, Gray got the sudden idea that we should try to go away this weekend and try to see a spring training game. By midweek, this had morphed into a continuation of my birthday.

So, on Friday night, we set off for the Orlando area.

We kind of had a whirl wind weekend that was a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. We did not do any of the theme parks, but did get a little bit of Disney throughout the weekend.

We actually found a decent deal on Priceline for a Wyndham in Lake Buena Vista, right next to the entrance to Downtown Disney, at $94 per night, which included the $16 resort fee.  I would say not the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in (the rooms were super tiny), but it was clean, affordable and we could walk to Downtown Disney.  It also, had breakfast with the characters on Saturday morning, which we could not say no to! (Well, Gray probably could have, but he was a good sport and went along with it.)


Sadly, I forgot my camera, so we just had cell phone pics. Oh well.

After breakfast and two hours of walking around Downtown Disney, we drove to Kissimmee to see the Houston Astros play the Atlanta Braves. Neither of us had a dog in this fight, but you could tell that many die hard fans were there. A group of men sitting behind us were talking about the Astros’ double A prospects. I can barely keep up with who is on the Pirates’ major league team, let alone the farm teams!

It was pretty chilly and windy during the game, so we headed back to the hotel for a little rest/warmth before dinner. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), we had not thought about making reservations at any of the Disney restaurants, so we opted for an English pub called The Pub Orlando rather than braving the crowds

Neither Gray nor I had been there before, but we would go back in a second. Located near the Orange County Convention Center, it has really good pub food, plus a huge beer and wine selection. It even has a serve yourself beer wall full of taps!

Gray opted for the traditional fish and chips with a Guiness, while I went with chicken pot pie (so good after being out in the cool weather all day!) and a Newcastle.  Then, we split possibly the most awesome dessert on the planet — fresh chocolate chip cookies (If you are reading this and went to Penn State, think about the cookies they served at Simmons and in West right out of the oven) with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.

I basically had to be rolled back to the car.

Unfortunately, the cool weather and too much food did me in and I crashed early. But we were up early today for brunch at Raglan Road in Downtown Disney. (Side note: I definitely sang along to Hakuna Matata, much to Gray’s amusement, as it played over the loudspeakers outside.)

Anyway, we must have had a desire to just eat in pubs this weekend because this was an Irish pub.  After an complimentary soda bread, I had an omelet with salmon (and I’m not even a big salmon fan), which was delicious and huge. I couldn’t finish. Gray went with ham schnitzel, which was also good, but I think mine was better.

I’d love to go back at night some time because they have Irish dancing and music.

Sadly, all things must come to an end though. We hit the road just after noon and were back in Tally a few hours later, where chores awaited me.

Now, on to the week!


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