Bistro Box Lunch

This type of lunch has been my favorite way to eat healthy of late.

snacks 001

It’s basically a little bistro box lunch. Typically, I have hard boiled eggs, cheese, fruit and veggies. Previously, I’ve had crackers in there, but I’ve noticed I sometimes need something a little heartier for long days at work, so I added some soda bread in today.

Today’s lunch (which is not the photo):

* Two hard boiled eggs
* Broccoli
* Zucchini slices
* An orange
* Slice of soda bread
* 2 slices of cheese

As I mentioned earlier, sometimes I do need a little bit more on long days at work. So, I’m still tweaking with that and working on having snacks handy. (Almonds in my desk at work/constantly chugging a bottle of water)


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