Lunch time confessions

I haven’t posted anything in a week and a half and I’m feeling a tad guilty.

I am mostly going to blame work. Toward the end of Florida’s legislative session, I am just tired and I don’t want to go anywhere near my kitchen. I hate that, but it’s true. As a result, my eating is kind of haphazard and snack like (cheese, fruit, crackers, etc). Today, I ate my lunch at 10 a.m. because I was starving.  Needed food.

I’m trying to do a little better this week though (a whole chicken is currently defrosting and will go in the crockpot tomorrow.) But, that doesn’t really solve the blog post problem as I have not cooked anything or done anything new and exciting. So, I figured I’d do a little lunch time confessional/random update post.

So, here we go.

* I am terrible at returning library books. Luckily, I did get “Salt, Sugar, Fat” back on time, but I am frequently paying late fees.  I once kept a book (accidentally) for more than a year. Oops.

* I made that sweet potato-leek soup and liked it at first taste. However, upon eating a whole bowl of it, I decided it was too sweet for me and I wound up throwing out most of it because it sat in my fridge for about two weeks.  Yes, that makes me feel like a bad, wasteful person.

* Though I like my house to be neat/organized, my desk at work is a wreck. There are tons of papers, pens, notepads, a mug and an advil bottle taking up space

*  I haven’t regularly worked out in about a month.  I did manage to get a short gym trip in Saturday and a walk on Sunday. Somehow, I have managed to lose about 10 pounds since Christmas.  I think this has more to do with stress and opting to go to bed instead of making a full dinner on some nights. But, I feel kind of crappy since the weight didn’t come off from exercise/healthy eating combo.

* I have had multiple people think I’m a vegetarian. I just like vegetables,  people! I see nothing wrong with ordering a pressed veggie sandwich or making butternut squash pizza.

* I’m addicted to my new phone. I upgraded to the GalaxyS3 and can’t stop playing with it. Nerd alert. My favorite app is for our local public radio station. I don’t have a radio anymore, so this morning while I was putting together my lunch and doing other home things, I just used the app to listen to WFSU.


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