Cooking prep — chili and zucchini cakes

Oh man.

This weekend has been a lesson in frustration.

Friday, the doctor told me I might have a stress fracture in my foot.

Words every girl wants to hear.

That means no jogging or long walks outside (waaaah). No standing in the kitchen cooking for long periods at a time. And I have to park near things downtown instead of parking at my office and walking. I also sat at the table to do my cooking prep instead of standing at the counter.


But, if I keep up my regular routine, then my foot will probably get worse.

Silver lining? It’s warm outside, so I can swim for exercise.

Anyway… I did a good bit of cooking prep this afternoon because this is the last week of the Florida Legislature’s 2013 session. That translates into a lot of long days this week for Gray and me.

So, I tried to stock up on some easy meals for the week.

No. 1: My mom’s Chili



2. Zucchini cakes


I also stocked up on edamame, almonds, fruit, turkey burger patties and frozen fish filets.  Hopefully this will keep us eating healthy during this chaotic week of work.


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