I confess.

No new recipes to share (though I have some crockpot ones I need to try). And, on top of that, I left my camera in the house the whole I time I was in the North Carolina mountains, so I can’t even just say, “hey, look at my pretty photos.”

But, I do have a few cool things to share.

A: I’m doing some blogging for Bridal Guide! Here’s my first post.  I’m really excited to have an outlet to write down all of my thoughts about wedding planning, so I can look back on it several years from now to remember what I was thinking and/or doing.

B:  I’m in love with the book and blog “A Practical Wedding.” You’ve got to appreciate a writer who says just “f*** ’em” about wedding guests/family members/friends who don’t agree with a wedding decision you’ve made. Shout out to my friend Sandi who gave me the book.

a practical wedding                                                    Photo Credit: Amazon

C:  I’ve been buying watermelon pretty much every week at the grocery store. I love it. Actually, I just love that so many fruits and veggies are in season.  They are taking up a lot of my grocery list.


D. I’m heading to Pennsylvania next week for the 4th of July and my PSU freshman year roommate’s wedding! I’m wearing this dress.

And that’s pretty much it for right now. Will come up with a more coherent and hopefully more interesting blog post soon.


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