Getting back on the horse

First of all, cute cat picture to make everyone smile.


I have a seriously cute (and spoiled) cat.

And now moving on…

Some of you may know that I screwed up my foot earlier this spring, which is why I was wearing running shoes to work with dresses and suits. So because of that, I sort of stopped exercising regularly. I did swim more, which I loved, but couldn’t manage to do that  every day because the Y pool was often so crowded, that getting lap lane time was a hassle.

I had to cut out the long walks, jogging and elliptical workouts, which has been my dominant form of exercise for the past few years. And that frequently left me grumpy and frustrated, especially during May when the weather was so perfect and all I wanted to do was take long walks outside.

And for whatever reason, not doing that regular exercise also stopped me from doing any circuit training I could do that didn’t involve putting weight on my foot. Trust me, I recognized it when I tried on a dress recently that is tight in the torso area to begin with. *Breathing isn’t important, is it?)  Even though I hadn’t gained any weight (and had actually lost a few pounds since I bought that dress), that dress wasn’t fitting the same way it did before I basically brought my workouts (minus swimming a few times per week) to a halt.

So now, with my foot feeling much better, I’m trying to start up again, get back on the horse so to speak. It’s not 100 percent yet — I get the occasional twinge — but there’s no reason for me not to be doing weights and circuit work.

On Saturday, I jogged for 10 minutes straight for the first time since I hurt my foot. It was awesome.

And I realized I have no excused to not be working out when I see people 40 years or more my senior putting in their time at the gym.

So, it’s back on the horse for me. Time to get moving.



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