National Sugar Cookie Day

It’s totally normal to bake sugar cookies on your lunch break, right?

If you disagree, I’m not sure we can be friends.

sugar cookies

I was hankering (do people still use that word?) for something sweet and realized I had limited ingredients in the house.  But, I was fairly certain I had all the ingredients for sugar cookies.

Allrecipes.com confirmed that I did.

I actually did look up a recipe because I’ve never actually made sugar cookies by myself and it’s not something my mom often, if ever, makes.  I remember baking them as a little girl with my babysitter at Christmas. But that was roughly 25 years ago. So, I figured I shouldn’t rely on memory for that.

Anyway, shortly after commencing baking, my sister informed me it was National Sugar Cookie Day.

See, it’s like I planned it.


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