Wedding invitations

I seem to be collecting free samples of wedding invitations.

wedding invites

On the advice of my good friend Stephanie, I requested free samples from a variety of companies — Ann’s Bridal Bargains, Wedding Paper Divas and Invitations by Dawn. Several other companies offer them as well and it’s a good way to check out some of your options and the wide variety of prices and deals out there.

Gray has a clear preference for anything that screams beach wedding. We’re getting married in a coastal area, but we’re not 100 percent sure if it will actually be at the beach or somewhere in one of the beach towns in the area where he grew up.

I personally want to go with the option that is both the cheapest and nicest. A Groupon will be utilized to save money on the Save-The-Dates.

For both Gray and me, the reception is our highest priority money wise. Things that I don’t feel too strongly about include the invitations, flowers and even the cake.

I’m more concerned about our cookie table. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Wedding invitations

  1. Vistaprint. I just did 100 save-the-dates for under $40. I also heard they are awesome with invitations, too. And everyone LOVED our save-the-dates.

  2. We did Vistaprint too (for invitations). Bought a groupon (or amazon local? Don’t remember) for $17 that bought $70 worth of products. We each bought one and saved a boatload. If you don’t find a group deal like that just call and they automatically give you 25% off. I was into cheap too!!

      1. Just be careful with Vista Print because their sizes are a little odd so if you get invites from them you NEED to use their envelopes, etc. But they do have great deals and if they make a mistake they’re always willing to redo it for free.

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