Making some old favorites

I wish I could tell you that  I’d been super ambitious in the kitchen and making all sorts of new recipes.

But, the truth is I’ve been reverting to some old favorites. Now, they are super delicious old favorites. So, I think it’s OK. 🙂


First, last Monday, I made sausage-apple risotto, which is possibly one of my favorite recipes on the planet. Seriously. How do you go wrong with sausage, apples, chicken broth, onion and cider. I do not know.

Then, I made Mushroom and Wild Rice Soup out of the Cookin’ With the Lion cookbook. I don’t know if I’d say that it is my favorite soup, but it’s up there. And I do love soup.


Somewhere in the last few days, I also made brownies from a mix (and took them in to work), ordered pizza and had crab cakes during a happy hour.

The pizza actually was out of necessity. We discovered over the weekend that the pipes beneath the sink are leaking when we turn on the water. So, I am not making much food (and thus a mess) until the plumber arrives. He’s due at the house Tuesday.

But, I did throw a roast in the crock pot today. I can put the crock pot in the refrigerator with the leftovers to avoid the mess.

It’s my favorite beef roast recipe known as All Day Roast. 

All it requires is a beef roast, cream of mushroom soup and French Onion Soup mix.




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