Since I’ve been gone…

I almost feel like I should start this post with “Dear Diary.”

I haven’t posted since late October. And so much has happened since then.

1. I left my job at the Sun Sentinel to take a writing job at Florida State University. There was definitely some angst about taking a non-journalism job, but  my new colleagues are  incredibly nice and I am a lot less stressed.

2.  I found my wedding dress! My mom visited in October and we spent three days looking at dresses. My future mother-in-law helped find the winner though. My mom and I were by ourselves for the first two days and were a bit dress fatigued by the time we got to a store in Jacksonville where Gray’s mom was meeting us. I tried on a Cinderella-type gown, which I never would have worn, but Gray’s mom noticed the top was particularly flattering and asked one of the sales clerks if they had any other dresses with that type of soup. That’s when they pulled out the dress that I chose. It’s nothing like what I originally thought I would get, but it is absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to wear it.

3.  I’ve been on the road a lot in November. Gray and I went to the Univ. of Central Florida-Houston game in Orlando, which was an extra dramatic game that came down to the last minute. I also went to Washington D.C. to visit with the Andreas, two friends from grad school. We had an amazing weekend talking, eating and drinking wine. (And repeating all of that.)  We also went to Gray’s mom’s for Thanksgiving in Satellite Beach. We had the typical dinner on Thursday and went to Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure on Friday.  (We also picked out a wedding cake Saturday, but that didn’t involve any extra traveling.)


Anyway, that’s sort of the short version of what I’ve been up to over the past few month and a half. I’ve also made some awesome recipes that just haven’t made it to the blog.

* Chicken tortilla soup 

* Sarah’s chicken taco recipe

* Shrimp and sugar snap pea stir fry with jasmine rice

* I tried to fry salmon, but I made a mess. It tasted OK though.

Hopefully, I’ll be posting more often now.  There will be lots of holiday cookie recipes to be posted at the very least!

minnie mouse


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