A breakfast, lunch and dinner

My mom asked me yesterday why I hadn’t been blogging lately.

I didn’t really have a good answer. I suppose I could say work, the holidays, traveling, etc.  But, none of those things really should have a direct impact on me sitting in front of a computer for a few moments to write.

I can’t say there is too much new in my life. Gray and I had a wonderful Christmas in Pittsburgh where we got to see a lot of friends and family. We plunged right back into work when we got back, but took a long weekend down to Apalachicola, where we ate lots of oysters (oyster stew may be my new favorite food) and drank lots of wine.

And even though I haven’t been blogging, I have been cooking a bit lately, including some new recipes.

A) I finally learned how to cook salmon correctly. It turned out that grilling them was a way better method than frying or baking. Olive oil, pepper and salt was all I put on these fillets before I grilled them.


B) I toyed with trying the paleo diet, but realized it wasn’t for me. I did, however, try to make pancakes out of almond flour. I also decided they were not for me. I did a very basic recipe using the almond flour, milk, eggs and a lot of cinnamon. Basically, the texture was just a little too gritty. You could tell it was ground up nuts and I like a smoother pancake. Gray only ate two bites of his.  On the paleo front, I’ve simply decided to make an effort to decrease the amount of processed food I eat.


C) I came across a post on Fannetastic Food called “A Mexican-Inspired 5 Minute Packed Lunch.” I loved the idea and just did this easy lunch one Sunday for Gray and me. Instead of using tortillas and making a quick burrito, I just made a salad. Spinach leaves, brown rice, black beans and salsa. It was easy, fast and quite tasty.


D) I had been meaning to try steel cut oats for a while as part of an effort to ween myself from the more processed, packet oatmeal. So, I found this awesome recipe to make crockpot oatmeal. It’s delightful, filling and easy to make. I just caution you to make sure you adequately spray your slow cooker with PAM first. If you do not, have fun scraping the sides the next morning.



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