Recipes, articles, blog posts. Oh my!

I’m trying to get back into the blogging groove slowly, but surely.

Last night, I remembered how much I love chicken in the crock pot.  You just put that sucker in your slow cooker in the morning and dinner is ready for you when you get home. I use butter, paprika, salt, pepper and basil on the skin. I also shoved a few garlic cloves in the chicken’s cavity.  We had veggies and rice on the side, plus some wine courtesy of my friend Kelsey who was joining us. It was delightful.

But, to the main point, I just wanted to share a few links to stories/posts/recipes I’ve seen over the past few days.


I want to make these right now. More specifically, I’d like to eat one right now.

Leanin.org is trying to change the way women are presented in the media through stock photos. I absolutely love this. I paged through some of the old stock photos and they were definitely outdated and in many cases, sexist.

The United States actually has a chance at gold in ice dancing this year, which is awesome. What’s even more awesome is BuzzFeed syncing Davis and White’s routine to a Beyonce song.

My former co-worker Ben posted the routines of two great writers. I’ll leave that one without comment.

Ashley at Healthy Happier Bear has tips for squeezing exercise into a busy schedule. I’ve recently been all about the lunch hour workout.

The New York Times obit of Shirley Temple.







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