Dear blog…

Dear Blog,

I somehow got away from posting and even cooking a lot, this past year.

That’s not to say I haven’t cooked, but I found myself falling into routine with old standbys, nothing new. (if my friends Sandi and Kat didn’t institute baking days, it’s unlikely I would have made much new at all the past few months.)

I mentioned this to one of my best grad school pals, Andrea, who in turn gave Gray and me the Smitten Kitchen cookbook as a wedding gift.

Oh wait, married? Yep, that happened.

weddingOur day was perfect and beautiful. We felt so lucky to have so many family and friends make the trip to be with us.

But anyway, back to food. 🙂

I’m hoping to recommit to writing this blog and cooking more. I tried to start last Sunday by going on a bit of a cooking bender.  I made a delicious Smitten Kitchen recipe, meatloaf, tomato soup and a chicken-veggie-quinoa mix that was pretty awesome.

smitten kitchenI’m still figuring out the menu for this week, but leek fritters and chicken tortilla soup are primed to make an appearance.


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