Sometimes you just need soup

Hi there,

So, let’s be honest, soup is awesome. You can really never go wrong. Roasted red pepper, chili, broccoli cheese, tomato basil, etc.

My sister, a fellow soup lover, gave me this recipe from Heather Likes Food for chicken tortilla soup that is so easy and fantastic. It’s fantastic even when you forget to buy enchilada sauce, a pretty key ingredient for the soup. (oops)

I actually did make this once before, but never blogged about it, so I can with some certainty that the finished product is better with the enchilada sauce. However, it was still quite tasty without the sauce. Gray added some hot sauce to his to give it a little kick and proclaimed it a good substitute.

The best thing about this soup is that it is a crock pot soup. Throw everything in the crock pot in the morning and let it sit for eight hours. And voila!

The only thing is when you do this, maybe do it on a day that your husband isn’t working out of the house and you’re not working late. In the situation where the husband is working at home and you’re at work for an extra hour, you get a very hungry husband who has been tortured by the delicious smells coming from the crock pot all day.


You could serve it with cheddar or sour cream, but I’m quite happy to eat it plain.



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