Blogroll love

Hey yinz/y’all (one day I’m going to find a greeting that merges Pittsburgh with the south).

I read a lot of blogs daily. Here are some of my favorites.

*Things Dayne Doesn’t KnowA hilarious blog written by my sister about moving to LA to make it in the movie biz
* Cooking with Crouton — A blog by my PSU pal Kelsey, who is a magazine editor by day and foodie by night.
* Kitchen Adventures — A blog written by Alison Sherwood at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. It was one of the first food blogs I ever read. I honestly can’t remember how I found it anymore.
* Meals and Miles — I found this blog written by Meghan Anderson though Kitchen Adventures. It chronicles Meghan’s running and eating  and her life in Tampa/Orlando.
* Smitten Kitchen — Written by New Yorker Deb, this blog boasts the most freaking gorgeous pictures of food you’ve ever seen.
*Badass Fitness — Written by Tallahassee journalist/trainer-turned PR pro/trainer Shannon, this blog offers lots of fitness tips
* Eat, Live, Run — Author Jenna moved to wine country, gained a few pounds and cooked a lot of amazing meals along the way. I want to move there and drink wine every time I read her blog.
* Kath Eats — Kath and her husband Matt own a bakery in Charlottesville and just had a baby. But before that, Kath lost 30 pounds and started sharing her daily meals as an example of how to eat real food and be healthy.
* Young House Love — Married couple Sherry and John blog about their life as constant DIYers. As a relatively new home owner, I love looking at their site for ideas.
* Lucy’s Blog — I love the 5 on 5 posts on Self Editor Lucy Danziger blog. She interviews athletes, newsmakers and actors on video.
* I Love, I Need — My PSU friend Jess and her sister were posting pretty things online way before Pinterest came around.

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