What I’m making this week

My diet has been a little all over the place of late and though I haven’t been sedentary, I haven’t been overly active either. So, now my clothes are feeling a little tighter and I’ve put on a few pounds.

I basically need to hit the reset button in a major way.

Though, my blood sugar thankfully “looks beautiful” (as my doctor says), diabetes is a source of major paranoia for me. My paternal grandfather had the disease and I have another minor medical issue that is sometimes linked to diabetes. So, my doctor is super vigilant about making sure my blood is tested regularly and frequently reminds me to be mindful of my weight and to exercise daily.

Now, those are all things I know that I should do. But, they don’t always happen. We all have days where something gets in the way — work, family, friends, etc.  And unfortunately, those excuses have been creeping into my daily routine far too often of late.

This week marks my reset time. I want to give up alcohol and sweets for two months and eat  as healthy as possible — salads daily, fewer carbs.

Here’s my menu for this week:


B: Spinach, egg and cheese wrap at hotel in Orlando

L: Turkey, roast beef and pepperjack on multigrain bread

D: Salmon and veggies

B: 1 slice pb toast and banana
Snack: Baby carrots
L: 2 eggs, apple, caprese salad
D: Stuffed peppers

B: Scrambled eggs with green pepper

Snack:  apple
L: Sandwich, pepper strips,
D: Fruit salad

B: Smoothie

Snack: Carrots

L: hardboiled eggs, veggies, apple, cheese,\

Snack: Edamame


B: Smoothie
Snack: veggies
L:  Grilled chicken over arugula
D: Roasted vegetables and quinoa

B: Toast
L: Out?






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