How I did on my 28 goals

This weekend, Gray helped me meet one of the goals I set for my 28th year. (It was a few days past my 29th bday, but that doesn’t matter.)

We went to Disney World!

cinderella castle

And I acted like a  little kid when I saw the castle in the distance. I squealed, “there’s the castle.’  About two seconds after that came out of my mouth, a little girl walking in front of us shrieked out the same sentence.

Yeah, a little kid and I had the same reaction to seeing the Magic Kingdom. I can handle it.

I hadn’t been since I was 8, so I was overdue for a visit.  And Gray surprised me with tickets for my birthday.

mickeyIt was pretty awesome.

That got me thinking about all of the other goals I had set last year on my 28th birthday.

So, this year I:

* Read 28 books

* Went to Disney World

* Made a lasagna

* Stood up in my friend Kim’s wedding

* Reunited with one of my grad school bff’s Andrea

* Painted the kitchen

* Give yoga a serious try (I probably should only get a half on that one. I’ve gone a few times.)

* Send out Christmas cards

* Get a membership to a gym with a pool ( I joined the Y for the summer, but quit because the pool was always so packed that swimming laps was almost impossible unless you arrived when it opened at 8 a.m.)

* Visit a new city (Does Fort Myers for a wedding count?)

* Declutter the house and donate items to Goodwill

* Make one non journalism friend

But, I didn’t get to all my goals. I didn’t:

* Run a 5K (I was supposed to, but it was canceled due to weather)

* Take my vitamins daily (sigh)

* Blog daily (sigh again)

* Learn to crochet

* Visit my sister in LA (I bought my ticket though! Going this Memorial Day.)

* Learn video editing

* Write a note by hand to someone once per month (I’ve written a few, but not one per month)

* Do 10 regular pushups

* Walk the 17-mile St. Marks Trail (foot injury derailed that one)

* Write five freelance articles (Well, I did one)

* Make a cake from scratch ( I looked up recipes)

* Redecorate the bedroom

* Fix the chaos that is my backyard (it’s a work in progress)


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